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"Leslie's personal style, calm, gentle, and careful insights zeroed in on our communication difficulties in such an expert way, that we could understand the areas of difficulty, without laying blame.  We came away with much to think about and try to practice.  There was no glossing over the issues, we were left feeling that you had exposed the weak areas, but we still felt good about the session, and each other. A heartfelt thanks".

"Leslie carefully and methodically unraveled our challenges for us and enabled us to see our situation, our difficulties and most importantly how love can enable us to work through these minefields. We always felt safe with Leslie. She was wise in guiding us and bringing us back to each other for strength and comfort. Our gratitude is immeasurable. It can be summed up in one work: SUCCESS" 

"Leslie brings many gifts to the profession, including well-honed clinical skills that are rooted in an elegantly integrated theoretical perspective and an unwavering commitment to ethical practice. Leslie offers clients authentic warmth and transparency, along with a high degree of professionalism." 

Singles Relationship Counselling

Singles Relationship Counselling

How Therapy and Counselling Can Help You

At Soft Landing Therapy, you will receive warmth and safety as well as expertise, presence and creativity in order to support your growth. 

Therapy and Counselling can bring new satisfaction and richness to your life. Marriage counselling and therapy can help you to re-connect with your partner. Therapy at its root is often "having a conversation". Counselling and therapy can involve changing behaviors, processing emotions, increasing awareness and gaining skills.

My clients come to see me because they want to talk. They don't want to have issues, and talking with me is a way of managing their issues at the very least. And at the best, it is about solving issues. I would like to support you as we work together to sort it out.

Relationship & Marriage Counselling and therapy can help you to have healthy, constructive, and fulfilling relationships. Whether you seek individual, couples or marriage therapy or counselling Soft Landing Therapy can help you.

If you are interested in more information about the way I work, my theoretical orientation or my training as a therapist, please ask me in session. I am happy to share this with you. 

Benefits of Counselling & Therapy:
  • Feel happier
  • Feel socially connected
  • Have more energy         
  • Feel understood
  • Feel more calm and hopeful
  • Make sense of things

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