Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy & Relationship Counselling

Couples seek therapy and relationship counselling for a variety of reasons. At times, marriages and relationships can be impacted by: conflict, transitions, resentment, lack of trust, intimacy issues, miscommunication, and infidelity.  

When problems go unresolved, or a partner is suffering from mental illness or health complications, one can feel helpless or have feelings of guilt or shame. 

The good news is research has shown that couples relationship therapy works. Research also shows that couples who attend couple's relationship counselling increase the health of their relationship from the moment they enter into the therapy process.

How Couples Therapy and Relationship Counselling Works

Relationship therapy works best when each partner in the room is focused on themselves. Some of the time people come to couples therapy hoping their significant other/others will change, however, it is best to have personal awareness or shifts for yourself. 

Marriage counselling and therapy is not about advice giving or "lying on a couch". It is also not a way to get someone else to change, or a quick fix to correct someone else. 

Couples therapy is an active and collaborative process between you, your partner and your therapist. 

In my work with couple therapy, sometimes one or both partners in the room will expect or ask a therapist to be a "mediator" or a third objective party to listen to each person. This is in part my role as a therapist. However, if you are coming for relationship therapy, as your therapist I will not "decide" who is "right" or "choose sides". I will work for the hopes and visions of the relationship. 

Communicating effectively on both parts can alleviate emotional anxiety from subjects of all kind.Couples often seek couples or marriage counselling when the relationship is at a standstill, or if they are unsure whether or not the relationship is worth salvaging. 

I am very experienced in helping couples to speak and listen more effectively to their partner as well as to remove barriers to trusting in each other. I listen effectively as well as intervening gently but firmly in the conversations we have in my office. These are highly developed skills I have honed over time and with many couples. 

These couples have taught me that the most memorable experiences happen in therapy when they are able to have a different experience with me in the room than they have with each other at home. The therapy begins with this experience and then translates into new successful experiences at home.

I practice this every day with the clients that I work with. It is not always easy to change the well-established patterns we have but it is almost always the case that when people are able to change and have better experiences with communicating with each other, that provides the hope, inspiration and eventually the evidence of the most rewarding and long lasting change. 

Couples are sometimes nervous to start therapy but find that they begin to look forward to coming to sessions with me because it is a time in the week when they feel closer to their partner and look forward to talking about issues in a safe environment. Therapy works. See for yourself. 

Below are a few of the benefits of couples therapy and marriage counselling: 

• Feel more loved and connected 
• Feel you can trust your partner 
• Feel respected 
• Feel your partner gets you 
• Fight less

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